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At rival Sporting de Gijon, the referee's decisions were good and Deportivo could even afford to miss a penalty: 0-1. During the week, the home game against Betis Sevilla was scheduled. In a last attempt to save the 'old' political system, the socialist Bettino Craxi became prime minister in 1984, who was able to keep his government together for almost the entire term for the first time in post-war history. In the early 16th century, Castiglione set out his vision of the ideal lord and lady in his (Book of the Courtier), while Machiavelli, in The Prince ('Ilprinciple'), presented to those in power an image of (political) virtue through old and modern examples of virtù (virtue). Manuzio developed the Italic font as well as the small, relatively portable and cheap printed book. The Democratic Party, Berlusconi's coalition and former Prime Minister Mario Monti's coalition were ready to lend their support to this cabinet.

He then asked former EU Commissioner Mario Monti to form a government of technocrats. Slightly more than a third of this group (36.8%) say they are practicing Roman Catholics. A survey conducted in the year 2006 showed that 87.8% of Italians still see themselves as Roman Catholic. In February 2023, a new government took office under the leadership of Mario Draghi, who was replaced a little over a year and a half later by the current team of ministers led by Giorgia Meloni. The government finally fell on 24 January 2008 after the small party UDEUR (3 seats in the Senate) led by Minister Mastella withdrew its support. On November 16, 2011, the latter proposed that government, in which he himself became Prime Minister and Minister of Economy. The growth of the Italian economy after the Second World War has therefore mainly taken place in the north of the country. However, after World War II, Italy quickly transformed from an agricultural country to a modern industrial nation. The Scharnhorst operated from the beginning of the Second World War until February 1942 together with her sister ship Gneisenau. The country started to industrialize late compared to other European nations, and until World War II it was largely an agricultural country.

Since the 2006 elections, the country has subsequently been ruled by Prodi's centre-left government, which, however, ran the country in a perpetual state of crisis, as the majority in parliament (particularly in the Senate) was so small that the issue of confidence was regularly raised. the order came to actually allow all votes from the left to vote in favor of the proposed government decisions. Although this was not able to eliminate the disadvantage of the south compared to the north, the level of income in southern Italy has increased. The presence of these organizations, especially in the south, can be linked to the economic problems in southern Italy compared to the north. It had followed a populist neo-liberal/conservative policy while at the same time being plagued by corruption allegations, arsenal equipacion especially against Prime Minister Berlusconi. Berlusconi promised to resign if the reforms imposed by the European Union were actually implemented. Berlusconi was also sharply criticized for having a media monopoly which he abused as the owner of three commercial television stations. President Napolitano was not allowed to call new elections because he was in his last months as president. After the 2013 elections, a political deadlock ensued.

Prodi narrowly won the election with 49.8% to 49.7%. The gains came mainly thanks to the votes from abroad, from Italians outside Italy who had obtained the right to vote for the first time; a change in law that the right, in particular, had advocated for years. However, he exempted himself from prosecution through a law that gives the prime minister immunity while he is in office. The commission issued a report in December 2023 that concludes that Trump has committed serious crimes, and nominates him to the Justice Department for criminal charges. Highest amounts ever paid by Club Brugge for a player. He was the first Japanese to play for the club from Milan. With this goal in mind, he wrote a memorandum to governor Dirk Fock on 6 September 1909 in which he proposed to release the Eenheidsplein (then still Gouvernementsplein) for football. In the 85th minute, Petr Čech let a simple ball slip out of his hands, after which Nihat Kahveci simply put the ball in the goal. In the 2018/19 season, Inter Milan again qualified for the Champions League. See UEFA Champions League 2004/05 for the main article on this topic. Montpellier and Panathinaikos were eliminated in the UEFA Cup, Mallorca were eliminated in the Copa del Rey and the league was eight points behind.

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